Who are we: A coalition of Muslims culturally indigenous to the South, rooted in its cuisine, customs and dialects.

What we seek: To build an alliance which will engage in educational outreach in a language and style that is culturally relevant to the South, to serve both non-Muslims and Muslims alike, about the tenants of Islam and the obligation to give cultural space to a potential new community of believers.

Challenges: The perception that Islam is culturally antagonistic to the Southern way of life is far from the truth. The South’s historic attachment to the values of hard work, simple living, and contentment with what God provides are firmly entrenched in the teachings of the Qur’an and the Prophetic tradition.

Historically, as Islam has come into contact with cultures the world over, it has encouraged the best aspects of that culture, while eradicating the most crippling attachments of its people to customs which contravene human dignity and intellectual advancement, such as racism and gender inequality.